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I am using this mobile phone since 4th July It works perfectly, not a single scratch. The only thing that happened is that my fingerprints changed the colour of that silver part on sides. It turned mostly black, colour of coal, because when I play, my fingers keep the phone on the side. I don't see any problems with my CPU, memory, I play few games constantly.

A phone still worthy of the hype

Display colours are nice. My phone is white, not like this one in the picture. I can't complain. The problem is battery consumption and long time of battery charge, but who can have the battery for 6 years and expect the greatness and long lasting performance. Still emotionally attached. Krymmel, 16 Dec If your S3 is slow or unusable, you can refresh it with a new operating system and give it lif The Minimum Requirement Is 1. If your S3 is slow or unusable, you can refresh it with a new operating system and give it life again - for instance Lineage OS.

Samsung Galaxy S3

I have been using this phone from to , then the OS began to crash and i sold it for 75 euro The price that i paid for new was euro I have been using this phone since For me, it's one of the best phones Samsung has ever manufactured. Been using it since The battery life is okay it can last a day or two while using the phone. I had heat issues with it although nothing serious. The latest Android released for it is 4. The signal strength with FreedomPop is usually two bars, occasionally three, so I could not rely on this phone as my sole communication device.

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I know other people with Samsung devices on other carriers who also have lack of signal strength issues. The phone itself is a nice size, does everything you could ask, except it does not have wi-fi calling built in, and it also drains a battery like you would not believe. I gather that this is a problem with the Android operating system. The camera is great, bluetooth works well, as do text and Internet functions.

First off let me start by saying I got this as a gift for my intended who used to complain a lot about her old phone, I knew she liked the phone and features from seeing it in action from other Samsun g S3 owners, so I decided to surprise her, she loves the color, size, and performance no more sticking or freezing screen is really big and clear, has loads of space since I put in an additional 16 gig SD card, her only complaint is the battery never makes it through to another day especially with some heavy use, I have to say I expected much better battery life from the phone after all the hype I read about in reviews but so far she loves it and once she is happy I am happy.

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With the Smart Alert feature, this smartphone alerts you if there is a call or a message not received. Running on the Android 4. Her former phone was a functional phone but not smart phone, therefore, she likes all functions w hat the new one has. However, she has to charge this phone everyday, that means the battery life is very short, but also the processor's running speed is not so quick comparing my smart phone nexus.

I am wondering why Galaxy 3 was so popular last year even it process is powerful, but my own experience is not. Seems perfect, just started setting up features and learning the phone but not yet started service. Going with straighttalk. Previous phones were Samsung, love them! No complaints good quality, loud never any issues.

Lg touch screens had and failed first few months, replaced 2, never again lg. I am very happy so far with my experience using this S3. Highly recommend checking out. Really Nice Design and Overall Quality.

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The screen is big, but it really doesn't feel that big in the hand. I guess beca use of the shape and because it is really thin. Super Amoled Screen is really impressive. Pixel density is optimal and the Pentile arrange really doesn't affect the quality of the images.


Quad-Core processor makes it run fast, but I am still waiting for Jelly Bean to have an iPhone-like UI experience, mainly in the menu transitions. Nevertheless, no application seems to slowdown its performance. Great Camera and the option of taking pictures while shooting a video is a killer feature. Battery life is just a little above average, in my point of view, despite having one of the highest capacity batteries.

Tons of accessories, which is always good.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Very satisfied with the product! I loved my GT-I by far the best phone ever. Just watch out here there are people with clones that don't know it or do and are passing them off as the real thing. If GPS is poor or not functioni ng at all, screen is washed, power plug is upside down, will not update ect