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Gripping story New characters 6 famous supervillains New combat options Stunning graphics Battles with other players Game demands Internet connection. Share with friends. Do you like this game? Download game The amazing Spider-man 2 for free. Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. How to install APK files on your Android device. Please, select version of your platform. Why do I need to select the version of my platform? To select compatible games for your device, we need to know the version of your platform.

How to find out the version of my platform? Show brand list. Select platform. This became the formula of a good Spiderman game. He has been protecting the citizens confidently while they dearly respected him. Despite the good things happening in his life, Peter Parker has to balance his civilian life and handling his awkward relationship with his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Watson.

Players can explore the entire New York City and interact with the civilians. Players can enjoy the heartwarming friendly banters from the game, at the same time immerse with the serious moments like watching in the movies. This game features fast-paced action in every corner. Players can perform acrobatic feats at the city rooftops, reminiscent of Spiderman 2.

The combat system is made more fluid. Targeting enemies are made intuitive for aerial combos and chaining attacks. They can swing in the air, shoot webbings, punch angry thugs and dodge incoming attacks. The environment is also incorporated with the combat as players fight from alleyways to warehouses. There are also quick-time events where players have to press the corresponding button when promoted, otherwise, they can get punished from missing them. The better part of this game is that Spiderman cannot hurt any civilians, instead, he greets them if the attack button was pressed accidentally.

One of the mandatory portions is the stealth section akin to Batman Arkham Asylum. It somehow breaks the open-world theme of the game. In the game, you have to fly through the dangerous and abandoned train stations. In temple run, you control your player using the accelerometer, but in this, you will have to move the character between three lands, by swiping your finger across the screen. Jump over the obstacles, roll on the ground, doge the hurdles and get your heads off, otherwise will be finished in no time. By completing the various missions, you can get the rewards in forms of coins, nothing new, you knew this already.

A fun to play the game, get it offline and move your fingers across the screen.

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Though the real taste of the game can only be gained when you go online with a multi-player option. But, in offline the game still got so much to offer. The game is a true combination of quality graphics, race, and cool vehicles. You race in the game combines with different sounds and arcade. Do you want to become a guide? Ok, you got the chance in Crossy Road; you are going to guide an animal across the streets, which are full of the traffic.

An arcade game inspired with by the classic Frogger, the famous game on the niche. The gameplay of this, Crossy road offline game is very simple, where with the simple taps, you get the movements. Tap on the screen, and the animal will jump forward, in the same way, slide on the fingers to one side to make it goes on the side. By doing this, you will be battling with the danger, and your target to make the journey safe. You get the coins, and by spending them, get another animal, though they are no different in abilities, a few of them look good. Want to get a little scared and want to test your nerves?

You need to lock yourself into the dark room and plug your headphones and launch it. The only one thing you need to do- run and as long as you can. You can download this game from google play store in just a single click. It is a horror type game. You are going to destroy the world by infecting it using a lethal Virus. The artificial intelligence of the game makes your task easy and can challenge your limits. You might have played many tank games, but believe me, none will stand up as the game, Tank Hero Laser Wars.

You will be needed no much space to get that installed on your phone to play it offline.

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You can download this game on google app play store in just a single click. One of the best works of Gameloft, a great graphics sure game, and a great storyline, the story of the game is identical to the Red dead redemption, which allows you to travel through huge open scenes while shooting and riding.

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The missions of the games, on the other hand, a real treat, 40 missions make you play the game four many hours, from horse racing to battling with the enemies using guns and weapons. Different horses, twenty guns, outfits, you got a great grip to customize your character in the game, the possibilities of the game are great, and you can become the part of it, get this offline game from the link.

The game combines simplicity with interest. You can play this only game for hours without losing interest.

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Plus, a little part of the memory of your phone it will take, and allow you to play it offline. In this, you need to connect different curved shape to make a complete shape, and in dark mode, you destroy the space into different parts, that each part should have a complete but different shape in the individual component.

A Spider-Man game based on the 2012 movie

Cut the rope is an interesting puzzle game to play on your Android phone. The gameplay is utterly funny, there is a candy, hanging around with a rope, your target is to cut the rope, and give the candy to the little green creature, to feed him. Giving the candy to your creature is not that easy, and getting the rewards in the form of the coin is not an easy process, that is why you can yourself busy for countless hours in making this happened. You are a gamer and you did not play Temple Run 2, I am not going to believe this. One of the most famous chasing game in which you need to run while dodging all kinds of hurdles and obstacles in your path.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

The obstacles are going to be very dangerous, you need to make the path, and do not get yourself killed by smashing with them. The gameplay is identical to the Endless runner, but few additions and some cherry did the work. As compared to the other games on the same concept, your character got quite moves. You can move right and left, can go side by side to the wall, jump over the bridge, and can get narrowed under the hill; make the character turns the corner, and go some downward moves.

The upgrade system in the game is really interesting, by making your ways left to right, avoiding smashing, and falling down into the holes, or avoiding the fire traps, you get the coins. And by spending those coins, you will upgrade your character. And by getting the character upgraded, you will have some special moves, 3D models, magic and special skills.

Must try this offline game on your Android phone, you will be happy to get your hands rolling on to this game. You are going to discover a gorgeous and magical world inspired from the Smurf comic books. Pace and compete against your runner friends, and establish the best score in the weekly tournament. Download on APK Pure.

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Angry Birds Rio the final version of the series and quite impressive compared to the second version of the series. You can have this game on your phone, get installed, and play it offline. The final version of the series, which got the original Angry Birds and the seasons into it In the new game, you will be enjoying the same gameplay, more goals, and achieve them with good time and fun.

Space Marshals 2 is an adventures game based on science fictions.

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The game shows the struggle of specialist burton, against the bad evils of the galaxy. The game got the story, you have no need to just move around and spray the bullets, go accordance the story. You know the slogan of this game, greater and more interesting. Unique levels, handy systems, and controls of the weapons, lots of content to goes on- above all graphics of the game, a sure treat for the game lovers.

Candy Crush Saga is an interesting yet a sweet game to play, especially the little ones would love to play and complete the various missions in the game. In this, one has to match the different colors candies, and if you get this done, you get yourself upgraded. The interesting thing in the game, more than levels, and in each level of the play, you will feel something newer and complex coming to your ways. This is often considered, the game is easy to play and difficult to master.

Do you want to make your throwing perfect?

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  • In the game you get the chance to throw the iron balls against all kinds of different surfaces, starting with the glass. The only object of you to hit the iron ball to different objects, and earn the points by breaking in the sight The most fun part of the game is the realistic approach of the game and in each level of it. The ball what you touch, and it gets hit on the desired area, is very realistic, and bounce is also looked genuine.