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You can use the app to listen to playlists you've already created via the mobile, desktop or web versions of Spotify. And there's more you can do with playlists too, including editing, sharing, or even making them collaborative , so others can add songs to them. Then, if you're a premium subscriber, Spotify offers the option to listen to your music without a data connection , which is a godsend for saving on mobile data.

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Simply mark a playlist as 'Available offline' and the tracks will be cached to your device so you can listen to them without a connection. This version of Spotify looks gorgeous and makes it easy to start enjoying Spotify on your Android device. Its interface is really easy to navigate.

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Searching is simple, while song results are easy to browse and well organized. Any track you listen to can easily be added to playlists, which themselves are easy to edit, reorder, and shuffle. Album art looks crisp as well. In addition, Spotify offers the ability to start a Radio station based on your favorite playlist, album, artist, or song. Much like Pandora, you can vote songs up or down, based on how much you enjoyed listening to it.

One important thing to note about using the Spotify mobile app is that it can quickly suck your battery dry.

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Unless you subscribe to the premium version, you get frequent adverts and can only listen in shuffle mode. A joy for music lovers. Spotify gives other music discovery apps a run for their money with its slick interface, impressive song library and excellent music discovery options.

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It's possible to use the Spotify app even if you don't subscribe to a premium Spotify account. If it finds a match Shazam will provide you with the information immediately, and offers you the ability to email it to a friend if you wish. While Shazam can't recognize every song in the World, it managed to get most we tested it with.

The interface in the Android version of Shazam is very simple to use, and it only takes a few seconds to look up a song.

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A great way to expand your musical library. Shazam provides a solution to that age-old dilemma of trying to guess and remember! It's easy-to-use interface makes it a must have for music fans. In the most recent update, there have been some design improvements to the app News feed, which are designed to make it easier to see more from artists you've Shazamed, for example new tracks and exclusive videos. Tried to install on Samsung Galaxy i Facebook enhancements require Android 1.

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Now se arching for a previous version More. Android Multimedia Audio Shazam Instantly find out which song is playing Ever hear a song you like on the radio, on TV or at a party but don't know what it's called? View full description.

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CONS Won't recognize every song. Step 1: Download Win Version. Step 2: Go to YouTube to find out the music or video you would like to download. Step 3: Step 4: On the following dialog, you are able to select the download quality, output video format, video size, conversion quality and backup path.

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Besides, by ticking " Automatically transfer to current device ", the program would download YouTube video to Android phone, tablet directly. It allows you to customize your convertion formats and quality. If you are on Free Version, you can go to "Downloaded" option on the left panel to do this task and transfer video to Android. But you can download and sync Apple Music songs to your Android phones for playback on other media player like Spotify, Google Play Music.